Wired Internet Solutions

WISH Networks normally does a unique needs analysis for each client, discussing individual needs, before submitting a customized solution. Contact us should you be in need of a normal structured cabling wired network installation, or require a managed Internet solution for a building.

For a managed Internet solution WISH installs a network cabinet, a main centralized controller, a high speed uplink antenna, and gigabit wired connectivity to all areas of the building via managed switches. Wireless access points are optional, depending on the required service.

This allows the building to offer all tenants / users all of the Internet connectivity options offered by WISH, without each having to get  their own uplink antenna installed.

A combination of service offerings is also possible, providing hotspot access to all casual or unregistered users, but high speed dedicated connectivity to all registered parties in the building.

The management, access control, monitoring, and billing is all taken care of by WISH Networks.

This allows the building to offer the service as included in the rent, or as an opt-in available service, but it does not cost the building management money should tenants not make use of it. The tenants have the advantage of a fast turnaround time in getting connected, very low or no installation costs, and access to a high quality (Fiber equivalent) service on easy terms.

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