Hotspot Internet Solutions

What is SWISH?

The two leading ISPs in Stellenbosch, WISH Networks and Snowball, have embarked on a mission to provide high speed internet coverage to Stellenbosch, in the most convenient and accessible manner possible.

Leveraging off the joint experience of both companies, both serving Stellenbosch as ISPs with a combined industry experience of 21 years, created the SWISH hotspot system covering nearly all high density areas in Stellenbosch at an amazing price to the end consumer.

This collaboration has created a very robust wireless hotspot system, fully customizable and remotely manageable, which can be used in conjunction with any Internet connection.

Currently the hotspot network covers most multi-tenant apartment buildings in Stellenbosch, but also several public areas and restaurants.

Hotspot Installations

WISH specializes in multi-tenant apartment building installations. If you stay in an apartment building, and do not pick up any "WISH#" access points, please send us the contact details of the body corporate / developer / property owner. We will send a proposal customized to the building and hopefully have you covered with a SWISH hotspot soon.

WISH installs branded hotspots for Restaurants, Guesthouses or anywhere that guest Internet access is required from time to time. Several billing options exist, and a completely custom solution is created after doing a needs analysis with the particular client. Please contact us should you be interested.

Service details

We installed various wireless access points in and around Stellenbosch. These access points can be picked up on any wireless enabled device with a WISH# prefix. Once you are connected you will be prompted to enter a login and password. These details can be attained by purchasing a data voucher. A voucher is valid for 30 days from activation. When the 30 days have passed you will receive a message indicating that the voucher has expired. A voucher can be used on up to four devices simultaneously. Once you have reached the data limit you will see a message indicating that the traffic limit has been reached.

There are no contracts or debit orders required. You simply purchase a data voucher when you need internet access.

How to get connected

  1. Scan your wireless for available access points in the area and connect to the strongest one named with the prefix WISH# (Make sure you have sufficient signal, we advise 3 bars or more). If you do not have a wireless enabled device you can enquire about a wireless USB adapter at our office.
  2. Once you are connected, you need to open any website to be redirected to the authentication / login page. If you have trouble getting this to work, closing and reopening your browser and typing in "http://wish.hotspot" as the name of the website you want to open. This will open the hotspot login page.
  3. The next thing you need to do is purchase a data voucher either directly on the login page, by simply clicking on "Buy Voucher" or you can purchase one cash from our participating voucher vendors.
  4. On the data voucher you will have a login and password number. Enter these details into the required fields on the login page and you will have internet access!

Do not pick up any WISH# access points where you are? Would you like your building to become part of the SWISH hotspot initiative? Please contact us and provide us with your address for more information. Restaurant and Guesthouse owners are more than welcome to contact us for a free site visit and quotation!

SWISH Free Internet

We are so awesome we are offering you free limited internet access! After you connect to a WISH# access point click on "Free Trial" for internet access. You should be able to do some browsing or send an email with this function. You can also click on "Free Wifi" on the landing page for free unbilled access to certain websites.

Find out more

If you need to know more, please visit our FAQ page!


Hotspot Data Vouchers

Maximum Speed of 8Mbps

Valid for 1 Month from activation*

* online portal purchases are instantly activated, cash vouchers upon first use

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