About WISH

WISH (Wireless Internet Services & Hardware) Networks is a telecommunications operator offering networking services. WISH Networks' main goal is to provide this connectivity in the lowest cost, fastest and most user-friendly means possible.

WISH is a proudly South African company, which has been operating a wireless network in Stellenbosch since 2006 with a business model focused on using wireless technologies for affordable last mile access to fiber infrastructure.

WISH Networks is a fully licensed Internet Service Provider, able to provide electronic networking services nationwide, and build our own backbone network in the Cape Winelands and Cape Town Municipalities. Our main market segment has always been high density Wi-Fi installations, with a focus on student housing, and we have a wide range of offerings tailored to this market.

To date, the company has installed over 4000 wireless access points and laid hundreds of kilometres of networking cable in order to offer a fast, cost-effective means of access to a range of innovative broadband services. These range from low cost entry-level solutions to high bandwidth corporate services.

WISH strives to make technology more useful and accessible. WISH aims to achieve this by offering friendly, hands-on support and advice in a language that clients can understand, while bringing quality hardware and services to the client at the lowest cost possible.

WISH supports the Government’s drive for equal access to ICT and believe in the goal of improving the level of education through access to good sources of information, help wider participation in the new economy, while also saving on the cost of doing simple tasks like job seeking, or communicating with others.

Our product offering is focused on three segments

  1. Residential - WISH covers all residential areas around Stellenbosch with dedicated high speed links to our high speed fiber infrastructure.
  2. Hotspot Service - WISH provides Wi-Fi hotspot services to over 230 multi-tenant units in and around Stellenbosch. Every apartment block has its own hotspot which allows tenants to connect by simply buying data as and when required. No additional hardware required. WISH also has specialized hotspots for Guest houses, Restaurants and Function Venues.
  3. Small to medium sized businesses - Dedicated, guaranteed  high speed wireless connection to fiber infrastructure that can be tailor-made in speed and data packages to suit your businesses needs. Scale your package as your business grows with minimal fuss and contractual red tape.


No Fixed Contracts

Wide selection of packages, change your subscription monthly to best suit your current needs.

No Telephone Line required

We are a wireless provider! No telephone lines, no ADSL charges, see pricing for more information.

Service with a personal touch

Phone our office to speak to a real life, friendly human, or visit us when next in Stellenbosch.

Most competitive rates

We have managed to keep reducing our pricing across the years, giving you the best bang for your buck!

Complimentary Site Survey

One of our techs will visit you for free to determine if we will be able to offer you an awesome connection.

We've been doing this since 2006

We have spent many years honing our business on students whom want the best service, but never really have any money!

Stellenbosch based ISP

Wine, mountains, boutiques, locally sourced artisanal food products... we just added affordable Internet to make it perfect.

Local is Lekker

Proudly South African, Proudly Stellies! Contact us if you are too and require an awesome Internet connection.

Our Services

Hotspot Internet Solutions

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  • Use any wireless enabled device
  • Prepaid vouchers, valid 30 days
  • Vouchers valid on any WISH# access point
  • No Registration Required
  • No Fixed Monthly Subscription
  • Internet access at true broadband speeds
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Residential & Business Solutions

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  • Dedicated high speed uplink installed
  • Private internal wireless access point
  • Contact us for a free signal test/quote
  • No long term contract needed
  • Premium business options available
  • Speeds of 8 Mbps+ available
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Wired Internet Solutions

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  • 100Mbps - 1Gbps network speed
  • Network sockets and managed switches installed throughout building
  • Centralised controller to manage access
  • Manage access per user / tenant
  • Completely customised solutions
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WISH Coverage Map

WISH Networks Coverage Map